Today 12/12/2013 It’s an exciting time to be alive, a time to show faith to one another, a time to spread love and hope around, a time to help someone up off their knees to stand tall beside you. This is a most blessed time for the chosen and faithful of the world, those dreamers who dreamed and who dared to reach a little further, to extend love and trust to another individual or maybe some higher deity guided you to take the plunge, into the deep sea of possibility.

So many memes and misinformation floats around the consciousness of beings, have you noticed it, of course you have because you are beginning to awaken, beginning to realise that everything is not as it was told to you, and basically you were sold a crock of shoot. If you were to look back on your life over the last few years you would probably remark to yourself that you have come a long way and learnt amazing and sometimes scary things about this world and how it works. You are chosen because you are aware that you are no longer going to be slaves, you will not knuckle under, to convention, to the man, to the dictates of a fake society, you will not suppress your fellow human being, you will not be a part of the mindless machinations of a few laying down the rules in your name, no you are chosen to awake and will not stop this process now that eyes once wide shut are focused on the task at hand. You are about to arrive at the crossroads of life, on one hand you have the old paradigm of lack, hording and poverty and on the other you have the abundance of the universe waiting to be displayed. You will chose wisely for you are the instrument of change that the world and people like you have been waiting for. Quite simply you are the ones you have been waiting for and you are tasked with mission potential.

Take a few moments and know that it is OK to embody and project wealth, to absolutely glisten in its vibration, know wealth is not money alone but truly it is the vibration of the absolute abundance of health, vitality, and power, yes power and yes with great power comes even greater responsibility, so when you have opportunity, when you have influence, take time to reflect on your path, take time to teach your children and by that I don’t just mean your blood but the children who are growing into awareness, take time to be kind and guide with steady hand as many of you wished someone would have guided you, and they did. Unseen is now seen and you will roll out in increasing magnitude around this world, solutions, possibilities and hope to those who had none and to a planet which was on the brink of destruction, you shall ensure the change. It is up to each of you to educate where and how you can, so we will never again slip so far to one side of the equation of light.

May all beings be blessed.