I’m cruising through the milky way

My headlights burning bright

Leaving tracks across the galaxy

And stardust in the night.

I’m shooting through a bubbling sea

Of stars and space and time

And roaring ’round the Universe

With nothing on my mind.


My craft throws flames and jet spray

Bursting flashes in the sky

Washing white the soundless borders

Of great floating nebulae.

And I feel an awesome power

And hear great melodic strains

As I bank against the farthest light

And head back home again.


Oh! to trip the light fantastic

Past the charted realms of man

Is to drink the draughts of ecstasy

And to see a greater Plan

Which guides the hand of destiny,

Illuminates the skies,

Gives thrust to our trajectory,

And validates our lives.


Felix Bliss