I just meditate on the outcome I want – it will be what ever it will be and when it will be, will be when it happens – but I keep my doubts to myself and in fact I let them go for they serve no purpose to me or to others – nothing but my attitude will determine how well i do this shift – there are many swept up in the waves of doubt misunderstandings, lies, misdirection, other peoples fears etc. I let them go their merry way, for I am of single focus, of complete certainty of the outcome and all else is just weeds along the way, which either help my vibration remain high and in a state of abundance or if I allow myself to go down into the depths of doubt and despair, pull me into a state of lack. I am careful about what I create and what I manifest. To think this is about freedom is to be in error, to be in error is to miss the point, to miss the point is to lose advantage, to lose advantage is going to cost one in many different ways. The goal here is improve all our lot, everyone in our sphere. Focus the goal is at hand and just breaths away from materializing in my world … how long will it take in yours, only you can say, what will you create?